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The Kowa TSN PZ Telephoto adapter transforms your KOWA TSN 880/770 series spotting scope into an extremely high quality telephoto lens for your D-SLR camera. Allowing you to not only experience stunningly sharp views of the world around you, but also take exceptionally detailed and vibrant photographs and videos with your D-SLR camera.

In contrast to conventional digiscoping, where the image produced by the spotting scope eyepiece is photographed, the TSN PZ connects your D-SLR directly to the body of the scope via a T2 mount. This makes for a high powered, yet lightweight and compact telephoto lens, when compared to traditional telephoto lenses.

The TSN PZ has a variable focal length range of 680mm - 1000mm (based on 35mm), which gives you the added flexibility when composing your image. It also makes finding your subject matter easier - by zooming out to the wider angle of 680mm to locate the subject and then zooming into 1000mm for maximum telephoto power.

Focus is achieved by using the responsive dual manual focus wheels on the scope body. Incorporating quick and ultra fine focus options, you are in full control of focussing.

No more frustrating auto-focus hunting. The decision is yours, quickly and accurately manually focusing on even the most challenging of subjects.

Please note: When used with full frame D-SLR cameras, significant vignetting will occur.

Due to the unrivalled high magnifications that can be achieved in digiscoping, it can be a challenging but also very rewarding method of telephoto photography. Try these useful tips to help you get the best from your digiscoping.

Even the slightest movements can cause camera shake resulting in blurred images, try setting your D-SLR to mirror lock-up - this will help reduce vibrations when the shutter is fired.

A sturdy tripod with a good, smooth video panning head is highly recommended to keep your digiscoping setup stable.

Use your cameras self timer or a remote control to fire the shutter of your camera, the less you handle your camera whist taking the shot, the less the risk of camera shake.

Good light is essential in digiscoping resulting in faster shutter speeds to help freeze the motion of your subject and minimise camera shake.

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